On a cold winter’s day of 2004, 31 January, in a festive ceremony with the participation of the country's sports community and media representatives, the “Sportsman” magazine met its readers for the first time. But was it successful in handling its duties in his first issue? At the first meeting with the readers, at the first presentation ceremony we tried to find the answer to that. We got diverse reviews. Some appreciated, some disparaged. Our beloved President Ilham Aliyev’s unprecedented attitude gave us a direction, a stimul in our activities. Now in the most spectacular sports arenas of the world we can see our flag raised, we hear our national anthem sounded in honor of our winning athletes. Leaning on its winners the “Sportsman” magazine presents its readers the expert reviews related with the promotion of sports in the republic and the most significant events in this sphere. In its pages you can come across interesting information about the lives of sports celebrities and prominent personalities of Azerbaijan and the world, as well as doctors’ advice. And our main goal is to impress the healty lifestyle on the younger generation, to instill combativeness in them.

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